009 Aborigrove
Encyclopedia Number 003
Type Plant/Earth
Species Native Frill
Height 5' 08"
Weight 86.9 lbs.
Evolves Into N/A
Evolves From Chlorofrill
Egg Group Lizard
Ability Canopy
Aborigrove is a Plant/Earth Type Native Frill Starter Meta Monster. It transforms from Chlorofrill at Level .

In its Cosmic Form, Cosmic Aborigrove is a Plant/Cosmic Type.



Aborigrove is a large bipedal dark green lizard-like monster with an ovoid head. It has two oval eyes that are bisected horizontally; the top halves are white while the bottom are black. The top half of Aborigrove's head and most of the torso are dark green, while the bottom half of the head, stomach, and feet are orange. It also has three orange spots on its stomach, as well as two orange spots on its forehead, four orange spots on its waist, four orange spots on its hips, five orange spots on each thigh, an orange band around its stomach, and three orange bands on each arm (two above the elbow and one on the wrist). The creature's feet and hands each have three digits, and Aborigrove has two orange circles on its cheeks. It also now sports a sagging area on its neck that resembles a goatee. It also has a multitude of large leaves emerging from either side of its head. The appendage on its head has grown slightly. Aborigrove sports a collar made of leaves around its neck. Aborigroves also have long tails with three orange bands and give leaves on the tip.


Aborigrove is a very athletic Meta Monster; they are very agile and very fast. They use their leaves to look bigger than they are to scare predators and stun prey, as well as collect sunlight.


Aborigrove are a lot more aggressive than their predecessors. They are loyal to their trainers however.


Aborigrove are normally found in grasslands, although they can be found in scrub-like areas.


It transforms from Chlorofrill at Level .

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

"Scientists believe that Aborigrove has existed for hundreds of years, virtually unchanged. Native tribes recall seeing Aborigroves hunting in the forests."

Known MovesEdit

Coming soon...


  • Aborigrove is the third Meta Monster in the Encyclopedia.


Aborigrove is based on a Frill-Necked Lizard, a reptile native to Australia. It is also based on the native Australian aborigines, hence the name and body markings.

Name OriginEdit

Aborigrove is a combination of aborigine and grove.

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