Airstrike is Sarge's primary special ability in Minion Warfare. Upon activating this ability, Sarge radios in to call in an airstrike. This call-in action takes 2 seconds, during which Sarge is completely immobile and unable to do anything. During this 2-second period, a small circular area is selected a short distance in front of Sarge, manifesting as a targeting reticule. This reticule is invisible to enemies but teammates can see it.

After a period of 2 seconds, a missile will come screaming down from the sky and strike the reticule, dealing 200 damage to all opponents within the circle. This is one of the most powerful abilities, but that power is offset by the difficult aiming mechanics. It requires enemies to stay within the same general area for a period of 4-5 seconds.

Armory DescriptionEdit

"Call in an airstrike missile unto your foes! Explode-y death from above!"

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