Animals in Zoo Palace have a variety of different behaviors regarding mating, hunting, and other behaviors. Despite the game's stylized art-style, these behaviors are designed to make the game more realistic.


  • Male animals will fight each other for dominance as well as the right to mate. Some males will also perform mating dances to attract females, similar to real animals.
  • Some animals will catch fish if deep-enough water is placed in the exhibit with Live Salmon in it. This applies to animals such as the Bald Eagle and the Grizzly Bear.
  • Some carnivores, such as African Lions and Bengal Tigers, will stalk their prey (such as other animals or Live Goats) by hiding in any nearby tall grass and lunging out at it.
  • Male Lions are happiest when there are multiple females in their exhibit. They will form prides consisting of multiple female mates led by one male.

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