Aqua Doc is one of the three base-game variants for Doc in Minion Warfare. Aqua Doc adds H.L.A.B. to Doc's arsenal, trading out his Acid Sprayer with the powerful Harpoon Crossbow. This grants Doc the ability to fire powerful harpoons.

Aqua Doc also gains a new secondary attack: the Brine Cannon. This attack deals no damage (until upgraded), but can be used to push unwanted enemies away from Doc.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Powerful weapons


  • Poor projectile control


Urchin-Tipped HarpoonsEdit

Attaching sea urchins to the tips of Aqua Doc's harpoons increases the damage dealt.

Salted WoundsEdit

Water fired from the Brine Cannon deals damage to opponents with less than full health, but can't damage an opponent with full health.

Atmospheric AbsorberEdit

Absorbing moisture from the atmosphere increases the Brine Cannon's maximum firing time.

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