Arboria is the setting of Knock On Wood. It is depicted as a flat world, unlike Earth, and mostly beautiful forest. It contains may different types of forest, ranging from snowy to almost covered in trash, and full of mountains. It was protected by the Treants, until they were killed off in The Great Nation War


  • Arboria Heights: The upper level of Arboria Central, arguably the suburbs. It also features a small variety of business open to the public including a library and medical clinic.
  • Arboria Central: The middle of Arboria, where most of the population lives. Its is a standard forest, but with buildings and houses made out of wood. The Treant Temple is located here.
  • Barren Backwoods: Rocky mountains with heaping landfills of trash at the bottom. Almost Post-Apocalyptic.
  • Timberland Tundra: The coldest area of Arboria, covered in snow and Ice. It is inhabited by Sir Chalmers Watersworth and his Base.
  • Mystic Woodlands: A mysterious, magical area of Arboria. 
  • Ryvok World: A large Ryvok-themed amusement park, mad mostly out of wood. It has four different themes, aside from Ryvok.
  • Forgotten Village: A medieval-style city found in the middle of nowhere. The buildings are fit for a giant, suggesting giants once lived here.

During the finale of the game, Ryvok burns down 7% of Arboria's forest. Luckily, they are uninhabited. 

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