Arboria Central
World Number

Arboria Central is the biggest city in Arboria, and is where a majority of the population lives. It is also the first world in Knock On Wood. The boss is Brennan "Bandit" Barkley.


The Central is a large village made almost entirely out of wood.To the far North is the Treant Temple. On other sides of it are a mill and other things. The Goldifact of this world is a Golden Pinecone.


  • Central Village: The previously mentioned city made out of wood.
  • Waterfall Mill: A waterfall-powered mill where Brennan Barkley works.
  • The Woodlands: An average forest. Contains a large, teetering bridge.
  • Farm: A large barn with a silo and grain elevator, as well as other buildings.
  • Treant Temple: A large temple where the Treants one resided. Not avaliable until all six pieces of Petrified Wood are collected.
  • The Great Nation War Battleground: Where the final fight takes place. It is burned down by General Ryvok.

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