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Avatar City is an open-world, sandbox-styled life simulation game developed by LegendGames Entertainment and designed by Buddy Thompson. It takes place in the fictional city of the same name. It will receive a port to the LegendGames 3PC entitled Avatar City: Portable.


Avatar City would combine elements from EA's The Sims, Voilition's Saints Row, and Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto, including:

  • Detailed character creation.
  • Life stages, from newborn infants to elders, and an afterlife stage.
  • Full outfit customization, body morphing, voice editing, height/weight, etc.
  • Outfits can be any color, and stickers may be applied to them for unique designs.
  • Voice editing can be selected from several voices, including the option to edit high or low-pitched they are.
  • Malfestation features, which could make Avatars sound demonic, heroic, godly, or robotic.
  • Characters can be edited at any time through plastic surgery offices, tattoo parlors, clothing stores, and hair salons/barber shops.
  • An Avatar's hair will grow every few weeks, and their facial hair grows every few days. They can get haircuts at barber shops or salons and may shave in their home if they have a mirror above a sink.
  • Outfits can also be changed or edited in wardrobes in the character's home.
  • Option to make families with a maximum of 10 household inhabitants, with players being able to switch between multiple families at any time.
  • Families can also interact with each other, and are able to have different jobs such as: waiter, fry cook, doctor, teacher, and etc.
  • Players may purchase vehicles. However, as children are unable to drive most adult vehicles, they have their own vehicles such as bikes, go-carts, and skateboards.
  • Pregnant Avatars will be able to take maternity leave from their careers.
  • Families can also have pets. Pets can breed and have families of their own, and Avatars can give pets as gifts or sell them to pet shops.
  • Players are able to freely create the home for their families, and can create up to 20 households and neighborhoods in a single profile.
  • Players get to choose where each of their families live, and can edit relationships between multiple households.
  • When Avatars die, they are visited by Death, the Grim Reaper.
  • Option to drive any vehicle, including fake ones like jetpacks and hovercrafts.
  • Players would be able to actually take their character to work, indicated by an icon on the world map
  • Most jobs, like doctor and fry cook, would have mini-games, similar to the classes in Rockstar's Bully.
  • Similar to the console version of The Sims 2, death is not a factor. Players may continue playing as a character after they die, and you can bring them back to life.
  • Death is not limited to ghosts. Dead avatars may return to the world as zombies, ghosts, vampires, and other undead characters. They will be able to choose which supernatural form they take whenever Death comes to claim their life.
  • Players are able to kill NPC's. However, children cannot kill others as they will only knock them out. In addition, children cannot be killed by other characters. They can only die from natural causes such as drowning, being set on fire, and starvation.
  • Committing murders and other crimes will result in Infamy, which will attract attention from authority figures.
  • Increasing the rank of infamy will also attract higher authority.
  • The order will be: Police, SWAT, CIA, and Military. For children, it is: Older Children, Authority (Teachers or otherwise), and Police.
  • A cell phone menu is the basis of nearly everything in the game. It will allow players to call friends or services, access multiplayer options, and switch to Creation Mode, where they will be able to build/add-on to their home/neighborhood, and other features.
  • If Avatars are employed in the Criminal career, they may plan out heists with fellow criminals.
  • If Avatars are employed in Law Enforcement, they may arrest criminals, including those living in their neighborhood or even in their own home.
  • Avatars are able to be in relationships such as marriage or dating and may fornicate, but of course, all sexual activity is censored.
  • Children are able to build friendships, which may evolve into relationships as they mature.
  • The euphenism for sexual activity is known as "The Vertical Cha-Cha". The Avatars will be covered by a screen that only shows their shadows, which appear to be dancing, hence the name.
  • Fires can appear in houses. They not only burn down items inside the house, but may also take the house itself if they are not extinguished in time.

Life StagesEdit

There are several stages in Avatar City. Each life stage will have noticable age progress, such as an adult's hair starting to grey, or a teenaged male beginning to grow facial hair. In addition, if an Avatar chooses not to pass on into the next life, their death state becomes yet another life stage.

The length of the life stages listed below is indicated by a normal lifespan. The length of the age will double each time the lifespan is increased (from Normal to Eternal), and will halve each time the lifespan is decreased (from Normal to Very Brief)

Life Stage Length Age
Newborn 2 days Newborn - 2 weeks
Infant 3 days 2 weeks - 2.5 years
Toddler 7 days 2 years - 4 years
Child 12 days 5 years - 9 years
Pre-Teen 10 days 10 years - 12 years
Teen 10 days 13 years - 18 years
Young Adult 12 days 19 years - 30 years
Adult 3 weeks 31 years - 65 years
Senior Citizen Varies 66 years - Death
Afterlife (Ghost, etc.) Eternal Death - Eternity

Afterlife/Supernatural FormsEdit

As mentioned before, death has no major impact on the Avatars as they may either choose to pass on to the next life, transform into a ghost or undead creature, or even become a Supernatural Avatar.

Form Perk(s) Drawback(s)



Immunity to disease



Most Avatars will be afraid of ghosts. 

Makes building relationships more difficult.

Cannot be employed unless resurrected


Immunity to disease

Immunity to starvation

Does not sleep

Insatiable appetite

Weak body

Often lost in thought

Prone to lash out at friends and foes alike


Immunity to disease

Immunity to hunger

Can mind control other Avatars

Extended lifespan

Immortal if fed frequently

Enhanced reflexes and strength

Must work at night

Vulnerable to the sun, Prolonged exposure will cause death

Inability to quench thirst will shorten lifespan

Must either feed on other Avatars and animals, or purchase donations from a blood bank to consume,


Immunity to disease

Extended lifespan if fed frequently

Enhanced reflexes and strength

When first contracted with lycantrophy, werewolves will only transform at the full moon, and will feed on anything nearby.

Cannot touch anything made of silver. Doing so will result in burns to the skin, or may be fatal.

Will be stripped of clothing after reverting to human state.

Half-Breed These forms are the result of a human Avatar and other form's offspring. They will have all of the special form's perks and barely any of their drawbacks. Varies


Below is a list of jobs in the game. Jobs can be obtained by applying online, answering want ads, and any other real-life method of obtaining a job. Each job offers special perks to the Avatars. More jobs may be added later..

Job Hourly Pay Hours Mini-Game Perks
Actor Varies Varies Horror Movies
TV Filming


Architect $60 10 Designing Homes Intelligence Boost
Athlete TBA TBA Playing sports Athletic Boost
Baker TBA TBA Baking Cooking
Cartoonist $50 Varies Drawing


Chef $70 12 Cooking and Preparing Meals Cooking Expensive Meals
Clerk $40 8 Scanning and Bagging Items
Stocking Shelves
Store Discounts
Criminal Varies Varies Breaking and Entering
Intelligence Boost
Cryptozoologist Varies Varies Photography Cryptids as pets
Doctor $100 12 Surgery

Free Medical Care
Intelligence Boost

Factory Worker $55 10-14 Building Machines Build custom vehicles
Fry Cook $30 8 Cooking Burgers Free Fast Food
Grim Reaper Immortality Varies Taking an expired Avatar to the Other World

Control over Life and Death

Highway Worker $65 10 Flagging Traffic
Oiling & Graveling Roads
Traffic Control
Musician $45 Varies Playing Instruments
Performing Concerts

Opportunity to earn money from parties

Paranormal Agent $60 Varies

Capturing ghosts

Purging spirits from possessed Avatars

Can capture and sell unrelenting spirits

Can befriend and foster relationships with ghosts

Police Officer $60 10

Crime Fighting
High-Speed Chases

Ability to arrest Avatars
Plumber $50 Varies Fixing Pipes Unbreakable Plumbing
Sumo Wrestler $50 Varies Sumo Wrestling TBA
Student N/A 7 Class
Increase chance to be hired in high-paying careers
Teacher $45 7 Coaching
Science Labs
Higher bond with children and teens
Video Game Designer $60 10 Building Games Stats Increase when playing video games
Video Game Tester $50 10 Pacman-like Game Stats Increase when playing video games
Zookeeper $45 8 Animal Treatment Higher bond with animals.


Other things that have mini-games or special features.

Arcade Games
Computer Games
Console Games
Watching Movies
Watching Television


Each pet has a special perk for the Avatars. Every pet increases the job performance of those in the Zookeeper and Cryptozoologist careers.

Pet Perk
Bird Aviation Skill Increase
Cat Social Skill Increase
Cattle Can be harvested
Dog Hunting/Social Skills Increase
Ferret Stealth Skill Increase
Fish Can be harvested
Hamster Appeal to Kids
Horse Avatars can ride them
Iguana Cool Skill Increase
Monkey Precision Skill Increase
Rabbit Can be harvested
Rat Stealth Skill Increase
Snake Medicine Skill Increase
Turtle Patience Increase
Wolf Hunting Skill Increase


Vehicle Available For:
Airplanes Adults
ATV's Both
Bicycles Both
Boats Both
Cars Adults
Go-Carts Children
Helicopters Adults
Hovercrafts Adults
Jetpacks Both
Lawnmowers Both
Mopeds Children
Motorcycles Adults
Tanks Adults
Tractors Adults
Unicycles Both
Video Game Vehicles Both

Fictional Video GamesEdit

Similar to the trend of most open-world games, in which real-life media, such as food or a movie, is parodied, this game would contain several game-within-a-game parodies of real-life video games. Some may be parodies of more than one, combining them in a somewhat odd way.

Game Description
No Holds Barred: Brutal Battle A traditional 2D fighter with a roster of five characters and three stages. The point of the game is to fill a Super Meter until you are able to perform a "Brutal Finisher". The three stages are The Library (with flying books and angry librarian hazards), Sticky Gee's (a fast-food restaurant with flying food and stove/deep-fryer hazards), and The Stalls (a bathroom stage with weaponized pipes and other bathroom hazards).  There are two female and three male fighters and each character has their own unique finisher. Each stage also has a Stage Finisher. The characters are: T-Bone (A mased wrestler), Amara (A karate master), Leona (A fortune teller), Shin Ryoku (a parody of Ryu and Scorpion), and Bill (a regular joe). The players will select one fighter and stage. They will fight one of the three others (one oppnent per stage) before facing Shin Ryoku, the playable boss.
The Legacy of Mack and Baxter A 2D side-scroller with 3 levels. Players take the role of a chubby elf-like plumber, Mack, who is pulled into an alternate universe with his pet turtle, Baxter. Once inside the game, Mack dons the outfit of a hero (Goggles, overalls, gauntlets, and spaulders.), as Baxter is turned into a spiky-shelled hybrid of turtle and raccoon (Turcootle). There will be power-ups, as in the Mario series, which may include a greatsword, several blasters, and the Golden Donut, which grants invincibility. Together, Mack and Baxter must save Princess Avocado from the evil Shadow Baron, Raizon.


Avatar City will also feature several parodies of real-life fandoms, media, and other LegendGames series. These include in-game films, books, and movies.

Fandom/Media Parody of
The Spender Slender
Scarytuna Creepypasta
Professor Why Dr. Who
My Little Donkey My Little Pony
Stark Track Star Trek
Dino Sphere X Dragon Ball Z/anime in general
Running Zombies! The Walking Dead
Vehicular Manslaughter Grand Theft Auto
Amalgam Chronicles BOND Legends
Captain Shenanigans Superheroes in general


  • Avatar City is represented in Brawl Super-Stars Legends through a stage crossover with Brawl Legends.
  • An Avatar will also appear as a playable fighter in Brawl Super-Star Legends.
  • Most of the characters and enemies in The Legacy of Mack and Baxter are named after food, namely Shadow Baron Raizon (Raisins) and Princess Avocado.
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