Barren Backwoods
World Number

The Barren Backwoods is a range of rocky mountains covered in garbage. It's the second world of Knock On Wood. The boss is the One of Strength.


This is the rockiest area in the game, and takes place at sunset. At the bottom of the mountains are tar pits and landfills full of trash from Arboria Central. The mountains themselves are also scattered with garbage. The Goldifact of this world is a Golden Banana Peel, symbolizing the trash.


  • Mountaintops: The starting area. Rocky mountains covered in garbage.
  • Tar Pits: Small lakes full of tar near the bottom of the mountains.
  • Mysterious Caves: Caves that lead to the inside of the mountain.
  • Landfills: A standard garbage dump.

Level Gate Edit

The level gate of the Barren Backwoods is the "Zippy Super Slide", an "amusement park ride" run by Sketchy the Skunk. The slide is actually a garbage chute. She charges 10 Goldifacts to ride, and when triggered, she will pull a lever, sending Woodrow down the chute and into the landfill.

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