In Nightfall: Cryptic, beings play a large part. There are many different beings (human or otherwise) present in the game, and they are some of the creepiest and most mysterious legends that can be found.

List of BeingsEdit

Being Area Special
Angel Dasoonag On the island, atop the hill Night
Bathroom Ghost Girl Downtown Wantapa Knock on the bathroom stall; audio only All
Black-Eye Children The Flats None All
Bulky Alien Dasoonag Will attack if approached Night
Chainsaw Killer

The Flats
Pine County

Will attack if approached All
Elvis The Flats None All
Ghost Hitchhiker Dasoonag Can only be encountered once the Skeleton Car Key is gained All
Ghoul Saguaro/
Pine County
Will attack if approached All
Green Monster Pine County Will release poisonous gas if approached Night
Grue Pine County Will attack if approched, stalled by using a Spotlight. Night
Intelligent Crustacean Saguaro County None All
Jersey Devil The Flats Will attack if approached All
Mannequin Woman The Flats Will attack if approached Night
Men in Black All Will drive away if approached All
Phantom Sniper Pine County Will attempt to kill All
Possessed Scarecrow The Flats Whispers Vic's name All
Red-Weed Saguaro County Will drain energy All
Reptilian Downtown Wantapa Will flee if approached All
Sewer Ghost The Flats None All
Shadow Pair All Will attack if approached. Night
Skeleton Saguaro County Appears only at midnight Night
Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl Pine County Appears only at 2:00 AM Night
Water Ghost Dasoonag Will kill instantly Night
Woman in White Downtown Wantapa Will attack if approached Night

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