Bing's Laboratory

Bing's Laboratory Track Design

Bing's Laboratory is a racing track featured in Goop: Full Throttle. It is the second course in the Grumbly Cup. It takes place in a laboratory, containing many narrow bridges and acid-filled rooms. The track's host character is Bing.

Course LayoutEdit

The course begins with a small jump over a pit full of acid and continues up a spiral ramp, which leads to a grate bridge. Across the bridge is an enormous room filled with acid. There is a circular platform that can be driven around either way, and the track branches into a lower path and a higher path (the higher one having a Transformation Box at the end). The two paths meet back up and continue on a long downwards spiral. The track enters an enormous room filled with acid, with a ramp greeting the racers, as well as a path alongside the outside edge of the room on the right. If players have the Jetski Kart, they can skip the edge path and simply drive across the acid, saving time. At the other end of the room is a tunnel that curves around and ascends. At the end of a tunnel is a Launch Ramp, which launches the racer above the acid-filled room and back to the finish line.

Useful TransformationsEdit

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