Biome is a term in Zoo Palace, referring to the environment an animal lives in. Biomes are characterized by many different factors. (such as trees, shrubs, and grasses), leaf types (such as broadleaf and needleleaf), plant spacing (forest, woodland, savanna), etc. Each animal is assigned a terrain, although that animal might like other terrains in its exhibit. One may choose to paint on the terrain, plants, rocks and similar, or add plants and rocks manually.

List of BiomesEdit

List of Animals by BiomeEdit

Basic AnimalsEdit

Animal Biome
African Elephant Savanna
African Lion Savanna
Bald Eagle Boreal Forest
Bengal Tiger Rainforest
Cheetah Savanna
Chimpanzee Rainforest
Duck-billed Platypus Swamp
Galapagos Tortoise Shore
Giant Anteater Rainforest
Giant Panda Alpine
Gray Wolf Boreal Forest
Greater Flamingo Savanna
Grizzly Bear Boreal Forest
Hippopotamus Savanna
Honey Badger Savanna
Komodo Dragon Plains
Mountain Gorilla Rainforest
Orangutan Rainforest
Ostrich Savanna
Plains Zebra Savanna
Polar Bear Tundra
Red Kangaroo Plains
Reticulated Giraffe Savanna
Saltwater Crocodile Swamp
Siberian Tiger Alpine
Superb Lyrebird Temperate Forest
Thompson's Gazelle Savanna
Warthog Savanna
White-headed Capuchin Rainforest
White Rhinoceros Savanna

Aquatic AnimalsEdit

Animal Biome
Atlantic Giant Squid Open Ocean
Atlantic Sailfish Open Ocean
Australian Pelican Shore
Beluga Tundra
Bottlenose Dolphin Open Ocean
Bull Shark Shore
California Sea Lion Shore
Emperor Penguin Tundra
Giant Pacific Octopus Open Ocean
Goliath Grouper Reef
Great White Shark Open Ocean
Green Sea Turtle Shore
Harp Seal Tundra
Japanese Spider Crab Open Ocean
Leatherback Sea Turtle Open Ocean
Lion's Mane Jellyfish Tundra
Manta Ray Reef
Marine Iguana Shore
Mimic Octopus Open Ocean
Narwhal Tundra
Northern Elephant Seal Tundra
Orca Tundra
Sea Otter Shore
Smooth Hammerhead Shark Shore
Tiger Shark Shore
Walrus Tundra
Wandering Albatross Shore
West Indian Coelacanth Shore
West Indian Manatee Swamp
Whale Shark Open Ocean

Extinct AnimalsEdit

Animal Biome
Allosaurus Savanna
Ankylosaurus Savanna
Archelon Open Ocean
Archeopteryx Rainforest
Brontosaurus Swamp
Carnotaurus Boreal Forest
Ceratosaurus TBA
Deinosuchus Swamp
Dodo Swamp
Dunkleosteus Open Ocean
Gigantopithecus Rainforest
Glyptodon TBA
Ichthyosaur Open Ocean
Megatherium Plains
Moa Plains
Oviraptor Rainforest
Pachycephalosaurus Plains
Parasaurolophus Swamp
Plesiosaur Open Ocean
Quetzalcoatlus TBA
Smilodon Boreal Forest
Spinosaurus Swamp
Stegosaurus ​Boreal Forest
Styracosaurus TBA
Thylacine Temperate Forest
Triceratops TBA
Tyrannosaurus Rex Rainforest
Velociraptor Desert
Woolly Mammoth Tundra
Woolly Rhinoceros Tundra

Mythical AnimalsEdit

Animal Biome
Ahool Rainforest
Black Dog Temperate Forest
Bunyip Swamp
Chupacabra Desert
Death Worm Desert
Dover Demon Boreal Forest
Drop Bear Temperate Forest
Eastern Dragon Alpine
El Cuero Swamp
European Dragon Boreal Forest
Fiji Mermaid Shore
Hodag Boreal Forest
Jackalope Plains
Jersey Devil Boreal Forest
Kappa Temperate Forest
Loch Ness Monster Temperate Forest
Loveland Frogman Swamp
Manticore Rainforest
Mokele-Mbembe Swamp
Mothman Boreal Forest
Nightcrawler Temperate Forest
Northwest Tree Octopus Boreal Forest
Ogopogo Temperate Forest
Phoenix Boreal Forest
Sasquatch Boreal Forest
Sea Monk Open Ocean
Sea Serpent Open Ocean
Thunderbird Plains
Unicorn Alpine
Yeti Alpine
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