Boiling Mist is Specter Haze's Ultimate Attack in Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion. It is a revamped version of his Level 2 Super Move seen in Brawl Super-Star Legends. Haze causes a deep fog to appear on the stage. Any characters that get caught in the fog will be stunned, leaving them open for Haze to attack. While trapped in the mist, victims will slowly lose vitality, even for a few seconds after being knocked out of the mist. All of Haze's attacks inflict double damage.

Ultimate Attacks
Bio-Man Stealthy Takedown
Brimstone Volcanic Storm
Burrower Earthquake Drill
Crystal Quill TBA
Enzyme TBA
Frostbite Flash Freeze
Grey Walrus Fear the Tusk
Gyro Gyrokinetic Mech
Havoc Infestation
Haze Boiling Mist
Jellyfish Venom Screen
King Croc Death Roll
Knightmare TBA
Maya Lightning Form
Pangolin Jailbreak
Poltergeist Full Impact
Pulse TBA
Red-Tail Down Under Thunder
Tetanus TBA

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