Ectoplasm is a slime-like substance that indicates the presence of spirits and a classic sign of paranormal activity. It plays an important role in Jack the Reaper, where it serves as both the health of Jack Lantern and the health of enemy spirits. The Spirit Sash is also made of ectoplasm.

The main two ways to deplete the ectoplasm of enemy spirits are using the Reaper Scythe and the Crossbone. The Reaper Scythe is more effective for fighting spirits at close-range, while the Crossbone is more useful for fighting spirits at long-distance.

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Main Characters
Jack Lantern - Spooks - Sandra Smith - Death
Supporting Characters
Bigfoot - Count Dracula - Zombie - Treant - Spring-Heeled Jack - Wolfman - Spirit Vendor
Ghosts and Spirits
Bansheep - Bench Beast - Circus Spirit - Civil War Ghost - Department Store Mannequin - Dragonfly - Egyptian Mannequin - Electric Specter - Gargoyle - Homeless Haunt - Sewer Worker Ghost - Sludge Ghost - Slurper - Tunnel Frog
Black Death - Ernie the Pest
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Chain Grave - Crossbone - Crossbone Bolt - Crossbone Quiver - Ectoplasm - Reaper Scythe - Soul - Spirit Bottle - Spirit Sash
Multi-Player Modes
Ghost Siege Mode - Spirit Capture Mode - Undeathmatch Mode

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