Exploding Walnut Sapling
Knock On Wood
Knock On Wood
Explosive ranged weapon

Exploding Walnut Saplings are Special Plants found in Knock On Wood.


The Exploding Walnut Sapling is more common than any other plant and can be found from the the start of the game. Walking into the large walnuts hanging from the tree will give woodrow 10 Exploding walnuts, that will explode on impact, which can be used with the right trigger. If the tree is attacked or charged into, it will smoke and glow red, and after a fast countdown from three, will detonate and harm Woodrow if he doesn't get far enough away. If this happens, the tree should grow back within 20 seconds.


The Exploding Walnut Sapling is a small, crooked, hooked tree. It is redish in color and looks similar to a bundle of dynamite, having a fuse at the top. Attached to it's hook is a bundle of waluts that look similar to grenades.


  • This is the only Special Plant to double as a hazard.
  • These trees act very similar to the TNT Crate from the Crash Bandicoot franchise if they are attacked.

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