Forgotten Village
World Number

The Forgotten Village is a lost village, that was supposedly inhabited by giants. It is not known when it was built, or by whom. It is the sixth world of Knock On Wood, and the boss is the One of Independence.


The style of the buildings are much like that of Legend of Zelda or Skyrim, but fit for giants. There are many different buildings, and they are all accessible. Some buildings include a monastery, several houses, a library, a schoolhouse, and a Town Hall. The Goldifact of this level is a Sheild/Coat of Arms.

Areas Edit

  • Schoolhouse
  • Town Hall
  • Library
  • Monastery

Level Gate Edit

The level gate of the Forgotten Village is a hot air balloon, tethered to the ground by Big Boar. He will let goop fly in it for 50 Goldifacts. When triggered, Big Boar will let go of the rope, and Woodrow will pilot it to the Forgotten Village.

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