Fortland is the area of the park directly to the Northwest of The Great Arch. This area is based on Fort City. This area is themed around the dystopian Fort City. Shops include Gift Shop of the Gods and Genghis Kahn's Flaming Dragon Food.


There are seven different attractions in Fort Land.

Ride Type
Cowboys Vs Dinos Bumper Boats
Gaston's Mech Shootout Dark Ride/Omnimover
Jack Fort's Monorail Accelerator Roller Coaster
Navy Bones' Locker Swinging Ship
Sir Draco's Knights Zipper
Uncle Cyence's TPM Motion Simulator
Zach's Forward and Back Shuttle Roller Coaster

Restaurants and ShopsEdit


  • Genghis Kahn's Flaming Dragon Food: A Chinese restaurant that is run by Genghis Kahn.


  • Gift Shop of the Gods: A gift shop that sells a variety of Fort City-Themed items, and is owned by Zeus, Odin, and Osiris, who aggresively sell you things.

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