Goop's World: King Grex Strikes Back

Goop's World: King Grex Strikes Back is a simulator theater that appears in TO World, found in Goop Land. It takes place between Goop's World and Goop's World 2.

Entry QueueEdit

The ride takes place inside Castle Grex, and guests enter the building via a drawbridge, into the castle's dungeon. Guests are given "Minion-Vision" goggles by a TO Employee, and the next load of guests enters the dungeon room for the pre-show.


Moki, Shelldon, and Chomper appear on television screens on the walls, revealing to guests that they are now the "lucky guests" of the evil King Grex. The Minions quickly run through the story-line of the original game, via a sped-up montage, to get them up to speed. After it finishes, King Grex enters the broadcasting room and says he's going to torture the guests for all eternity until they reveal the location of Princess Blossom. King Grex says he has kingly matters to attend to, and he laughs evilly. Then the television screens go to a test pattern as the theater doors open.


Guests enter the theater and take their seats. The short film takes place after the first game. In it, Grex returns as a ghost to kidnap Princess Blossom again. Therefore, it is up to Goop and the gang to save her. Bing uses a harness to attach the guests' ride vehicle (the theater seats resemble tiny hovercars) to Draclo, right before King Grex summons Magmass the dragon to chase Draclo and the guests through Petunia Forest. They enter a mineshaft and emerge over an enormous lava field in Mount Fireside. King Grex attacks Draclo, knocking the guests out of the sky. The vehicle lands on a piece of rock in the lava, where Magmass prepares to eat the guests. Suddenly, Goop appears, having turned into Beast Goop, and begins to battle Magmass. King Grex uses his magic to shake the guests around every which way, before dangling them mere feet above the lava. He asks them if they have any last words. However, Bing flies down from the sky with his Heli-Helmet and uses a special gadget to vacuum up Grex's ghost. Bing takes the gadget and throws it into the lava.

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