The "Goop's World 2 Promo Video" is a special unlockable video that can be viewed after completing the original Goop's World 100%. The video can be accessed through the Extras menu. The video is a humorous montage of the creation of the second game. The first half shows the various characters from Goop's World auditioning for roles in the second game, including:

  • Shelldon auditioning for the role of Goop and flubbing his lines
  • King Grex's ghost auditioning for himself and being told that the casting agents will call him
  • Draclo trying to audition for the part of himself, but instead reciting lines from Hamlet in a deep British accent
  • Clod becoming enraged, knocking over several lights, and punching the cameraman

The video's second half shows the characters pitching storyline ideas for the second game to Goop, who seems to be acting as director. These include:

  • Frogrump suggesting a mafia-themed sequel starring him (entitled "The Frogfather")
  • Shelldon repeating the story of the first game, prompting Goop to ask Shelldon whether or not he even played the current game
  • Chomper suggesting a stealth game while pounding his fist on the table and screaming
  • Fischer suggesting a fish-out-of-water story

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