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Goop: Full Throttle is a mascot-driven, go-kart-style, combat racing game developed by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. It is a spin-off title in the Goop series and the final game chronologically in the series, taking place after Tawnya: Force of Nature.


Players race around various tracks, completing 3 laps per track. Each track has its own obstacles and gimmicks. Driving through special boxes allows players to transform their karts into a variety of different vehicles, each with their own special purpose. Each character also has a special ability that can be used via that fills by drifting. Collecting enough Power Orbs along the track allows you to transform into the Beast Kart, giving you insane powers.

There are 6 cups, each divided into four tracks. Points are awarded at the end of each race based on your position. At the end, the points for all 4 tracks are tallied up and trophies are given to first, second, and third place players.

Characters are divided into 3 classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Lightweight characters have good drifting and acceleration, but they lack good handling and top speed. Heavyweight characters have good handling and top speed, but they lack good drifting and acceleration. Middle/Mediumweight characters are average in all stats.

Players can unlock new cups by completing currently unlocked ones, and they can unlock new characters by buying them in the shop. To get points you can spend, you must eat/defeat opponents with the Beast Kart, one point for each opponent defeated.


  • Grand Prix Mode: Players drive through cups and race other drivers. At the end of each race, points are given based on your place in the race. At the end of the cup, points are tallied up and the player with the most points wins.
    • Tag Team Mode: In this mode, players race in teams of two. One player drives and one uses abilities and items.
  • Demo Derby: Players drive around various battle arenas, trying to deplete their opponents' health via special abilities, transformations, and smashing into each other. The last player standing wins.
  • Time Trial: Drivers race for the fastest time on a selected course. The fastest record is able to be raced again as a shadow.

Playable RacersEdit

Character Weight Vehicle Artwork Default Partner
Goop Medium Opalmobile FTGoop Marco
Bing Medium Hovercraft FTBing Draclo
Draclo Heavy Draclo Dragster FTDraclo Bing
Blossom Light Love Bug Tawnya
Tawnya Light Temple Tantrum Blossom
King Grex Medium Royal Throne Snaptrap
Moki Light Moki Machine Shelldon
Shelldon Medium Shellshocker Moki
Snaptrap Heavy Pot Prowler King Grex
Goggles Heavy Choo Choo Charger Norm
Norm Light Bone Booster Goggles
Frogrump Heavy Ribbit Rally Crocrump
Crocrump Heavy Croc Coupe Frogrump
Chomper Heavy Chomp Rod Chucky
Chucky Light Nutjob Chomper
Clod Heavy Clod Rod Captain Grum
Pump-Kog Medium Kog Kart T.E.D.
Springear Light Springster Ghostie
Ghostie Light Doom Buggy Springear
Captain Grum Medium Bilge Rat Racer Clod
Marco Medium Ol' Jalopy Goop
T.E.D. Medium Cosmic Coach Pump-Kog

Cups and TracksEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Track Cup Host Character
Goop 500 Grumbly Cup Goop
Bing's Laboratory ​Grumbly Cup Bing
Draclo's Jungle ​Grumbly Cup Draclo
Blossom's Square ​Grumbly Cup Blossom
Tawnya's Market Gooptar Cup Tawnya
Grex's Castle Gooptar Cup King Grex
Moki's Chop Shop Gooptar Cup Moki
Shelldon's Canyon Gooptar Cup Shelldon
Snaptrap's Glade Magic Cup Snaptrap
Goggles's Garden ​Magic Cup Goggles
Norm's Graveyard ​Magic Cup Norm
Frogrump's Inferno Magic Cup Frogrump
Crocrump's Bayou Mighty Cup Crocrump
Chomper's Junkyard Mighty Cup Chomper
Chucky's Forest Mighty Cup Chucky
Clod's Volcano Mighty Cup Clod
Pump-Kog's Outpost ​Opal Cup Pump-Kog
Springear's Factory ​Opal Cup Springear
Ghostie's Mansion ​Opal Cup Ghostie
Grum's Harbor ​Opal Cup Captain Grum
Marco's Summit ​Toshiko Cup Marco
Toshiko Track ​Toshiko Cup NA
Opal Speedway ​Toshiko Cup NA
Cosmic Raceway Toshiko Cup T.E.D.

Demo DerbyEdit


  • Wheel Kart: Allows for tricks in mid-air and better drifting.
  • Plane Kart: Allows for flying for a short time.
  • Rocket Kart: Grants the user a speed boost.
  • Jetski Kart: Allows for movement on water. Moves at a snail's pace on land.
  • Fire Kart: Sprays fire in a circle around you.
  • Tank Kart: Allows the user to fire projectiles straight ahead.
  • Drill Kart: Allows the user to break certain walls and barrel through opponents.
  • Beast Kart: Allows the user to devour opponents, unlocking new characters.


  • Goop: Full Throttle is the only Goop game to not feature any sort of platforming.
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