Goop Land is the area of the park directly to the East of Blossom's Castle. It is themed around the Goop series. This area is set in a large forest, presumably Petunia Forest. Restaurants include Blossom's Royal Court and Dr. Derwiff's Cafe Keep. There is a large animatronic Snaptrap in the area's center.


There are six different attractions in Goop Land.

Ride Type
The Bilge Rat Swinging Ship
Cosmic Raceway Go-Kart Track
Flight of the Draclo Kid's Coaster
Goop's World: King Grex Strikes Back 3D Movie/Simulator
Mount Magmass Flying Roller Coaster
Tawnya's Temple Trek Top Spin

Restaurants and ShopsEdit


  • Blossom's Court: Blossom's Court is a food court that resembles the outdoor courtyard of a pink castle.
  • Dr. Derwiff's Cafe Keep: Dr. Derwiff's Cafe Keep is a medieval-style castle restaurant with legs of mutton and menu items named after scientific instruments. Inside the castle, Dr. Derwiff can be seen performing stand-up comedy. At 12:00 PM (Noon), he performs his classic, trademark musical number, "In Stitches".
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