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Goop and Grex is a platform game developed by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. It stars the titular characters, a purple gooptar named Goop and a yellow thornosaur named King Grex, as they attempt to return back to the Gooptar Kingdom after being lost during an earthquake. The game is the third installment in the Goop series.


Goop and Grex puts players in the control of the titular Goop, as he travels across various worlds in order to rescue the Princess, recover the stolen Opals, and defeat the evil King Grex. Goop has three main attacks; spinning around, punching, and diving the ground, which must be strategically used for defeating enemies and smashing open certain crates. Punching can be used against many small enemies, but not against larger enemies. Likewise, spinning is capable of defeating larger enemies, but is slower than punching, leaving Goop vulnerable. Various Power Orbs can be found in various areas, including inside crates, some of which require certain techniques to break open, or earned by defeating enemies.

Goop and Grex also features King Grex as a playable character. Grex has his own abilities and weaknesses. King Grex can perform various spells, such as the Slowmo Spell, Invisi-Grex Spell, and Freezeframe Spell. However, King Grex is also vulnerable to water, as he can't swim without rusting.


During an attack on the castle by King Grex, an earthquake occurs, sending Goop and King Grex tumbling into a crack that opens up in the ground. Stranded together in a cave, the two bitter enemies will need to work together to get back home, meeting various quirky characters along the way. They then find themselves in The Forgotten Land.


Character Portrayed By
King Grex Justin Wolfe
Dr. Derwiff
The Silver Baron
General Ryvok (Cameo)

Worlds and LevelsEdit

Level Boss
Opalstone Caves Opal Angler
Creepy Cliffs Cross & Stitch
Chateau de Derwiff Dr. Derwiff
Frightening Forest Dreadwood
Mount Lard Gourmonster
The Oblivion The Silver Baron
Sunset Cove Colossus


Goop's TransformationsEdit

King Grex's SpellsEdit


  • Goop and Grex is the fourth game in the Goop series.
  • General Ryvok, the main antagonist of Knock On Woodappears at the end of the game, taking over the Gooptar Kingdom. He is immediately crushed by Goop and King Grex.


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