Voiced By Unknown
Franchise Bio-Man (Series)
Appears in Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion
Debut Bio-Man 3

Havoc, otherwise known as Verne Bridges, is a supervillain created by Justin Wolfe. In Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion, Havoc is an Power type character.


Havoc was once Verne Bridges, an elusive jewel thief attempting to rip off a museum. The museum had recently begun displaying a mysterious fossilized egg, which supposedly came from a dinosaur. As he was swiping a rare vase, the egg hatches, releasing a long-dormant parasitic insect. The bug burrowed into Verne's body, converting it into the insect's host: Havoc.


Havoc is a very powerful character who focuses on brutal melee attacks and savage combos. His claw attacks and pincers are very powerful and deal a lot of damage. His main drawback is that he is by far the slowest character in the game. Using his Skitter ability is the only way he can move around at any decent speed. He is able to spray an acid-like substance that forms a puddle on the ground. Havoc's other ability is the ability to regenerate health.


  • Weak Attack: Savage Slash
  • Strong Attack: Pincer Stab
  • Ranged Attack: Acidic Spray
  • Special Ability 1: Health Regeneration
  • Special Ability 2: Skitter
  • Ultimate Attack: Infestation


Parasitic VictimEdit

The standard exoskeleton. His default appearance.

Toxic HavocEdit

An original costume. Havoc is glowing green with black highlights and eyes.

Death HavocEdit

An original costume. Havoc is black with red highlights and eyes.

Battle InfoEdit


  • Havoc falls from the sky and roars to the sky.
  • Havoc skitters onto the stage on his pincers.

Winning ScreensEdit

  • Havoc slashes at the camera multiple times with his tongue hanging out.
  • Havoc uncrosses his arms, revealing several egg-sacs embedded in his torso.

Losing ScreensEdit

  • Havoc holds his chest and falls over.
  • Havoc holds his chest and screeches.


Havoc, due to being controlled by a parasitic insect, does not speak. Rather, he constantly makes animalistic noises, screeches, and roars.

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