Holly Brooks

Holly's Artwork

Basic Information
Alias/es: None
Gender: Female
Birthplace: New Metro City, CA
Species/Race: Human
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Misc. Information
Faction: Good
Family Member/s: None
Current Status: Alive
Location: New Metro City, CA
Allies: Colin Cain
Martha Cain
Enemies: Arthur Winters
Boris Ivanov
Cecil Balkey
Gordon Raines
Henry Holton
Behind the Scenes
Home Franchise: Bio-Man (Series)
Voiced by: Unknown
Appears in: Bio-Man (Game)
Bio-Man 2
Vengeance: Battle for Earth
Bio-Man 3
"Colin, I'm not going to let you fight that thing alone! I'm going with you, and that's all there is to it!"

Holly Brooks is a character created by Justin Wolfe and a minor character in the Bio-Man series. She is the romantic interest of Colin Cain and his college peer. She is an intern at the New Metro City Library, but she hopes of someday working at Cortech Industries. She graduated from New Metro University with a degree in Robotics. As of Bio-Man 2, she has an internship at Cortech.

The Legacy of Holly BrooksEdit


Holly is a 5'7" Caucasian female. She is plus-sized and of average height. She has light blonde hair tied into a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears silver earrings. She generally wears a black shirt with a white jacket over top of it and a tan skirt, as well as a pearl necklace and black high heels. She is often seen wearing a lab coat instead of her usual jacket in the second game.


Holly is extremely intelligent with a genius-level intelligence. She is head-strong and independent, preferring to take charge in a situation rather than allow someone else to save the day. She is confident and caring, and she deeply loves her boyfriend Colin Cain. However, she does recognize his cocky, stubborn attitude and sometimes becomes irritated when he charges off to fight a villain.


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