Knock On Wood
Knock On Wood
Crowd Control

Hypno-Fungi is a kind of Special Plants found in Knock On Wood.


Upon approaching this, Woodrow will be speckled with tiny blue mushrooms that will emit purplish-greenish clouds of spores that will take over the minds of enemies and make them fight each other. This is best used when in a crowded area. It can also be used to activate shrines that will change or move the environment, for example, lowering a bridge, creating stepping stones, or opening a huge gate.


Hypno-Fungi is a huge blue mushroom with a dark blue swirl facing upwards, which slowly spins. When near it, a slow, ominous sound is heard. Smaller blue mushrooms are be found surrounding it.


  • Despite being a fungus, it is listed with the rest of the Special Plants.
  • If you approach Allister with this equipped, the following line is heard: "Ha! You think you can bend my marvelous mind with that magic mushroom? Good luck with that, I created it!". This reveals that Allister was behind the creation of the first Hypno-Shroom.
  • An unusable Hypno-Fungi is seen in Watersworth's Lab, and it is strongly implied that Watersworth harvested the hypnotizing element found in it to make the "Brainwash-slug" he used against Allister toward the ending of the game.

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