Meta Monsters is a series of four role-playing adventure games developed and published by LegendGames Entertainment and collaboratively created by LGE CEO Buddy Thompson and Toshiko CEO Justin Wolfe. The games allow players to take the role of a young trainer that captures, trains, and battles with several creatures known as Meta Monsters.


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Meta Monsters

Open-World RPG/Battle Arena Meta Monsters

Meta Monsters II: Cosmic Aura

Open-World RPG/Battle Arena

Meta Monsters III

Open-World RPG/Battle Arena

Meta Monsters Online

Open-World RPG/Battle Arena


  • Meta Monsters originally went under the tentative title of Meta Beasts.
  • In Allen Stark's home in Hero's Retribution, players are able to interact with many different electronics including televisions, computers, and game consoles. In Caleb's former bedroom, there is a classic game console connected to a television that Allen can interact with, given the option of playing one of three games. One of the games is called Capsule Creatures, which includes a protagonist, Ace Spectrum, in a battle against his rival, Jerry. The two send out a single creature to battle each other, which both resemble Meta Monsters.
  • The default appearances of Vincent and Veronica in Meta Monsters bear a resemblance to Lee Hatake and Rayne Sabakuto from the Brawl Legends series.