Mystical Woodlands
World Number

The Mystic Woodlands are a fantasy-based forest inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It is the fourth world in Knock On Wood. The boss is the One of Wisdom.


Being based on Wonderland, the Mystic Woodlands take place at night and are full of giant mushrooms and other odd things. This world also combines Wonderland with Medieval elements, like an Elf Base. The Goldifact for this world is a Golden Mushroom.

Areas Edit

  • Fungus Forest: A Wonderland-esque forest.
  • The Elf Base: A Large medieval base where elves dwell
  • River of Sap: A flowing river that leads into many magical caves.
  • Valley of Dragon Bones: A dark, brooding valley where dangers lurk.

Level Gate Edit

The level gate of the Mystic Woodlands is a large catapult run by Clarence the Hippo, who will charge 30 goldifacts. There is a sign reading "Fire the catapult at Allister's house! Dirt-5G, Wood- 15G, Rocks-25G." When triggered, he will fire Woodrow to the mystic woodlands.

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