Encyclopedia Number 044
Type Ghost/Magic
Species Forgotten
Height 4' 05"
Weight 53.6 lbs.
Evolves Into N/A
Evolves From N/A
Egg Group Yokai
Ability Unknown
 Neglectern is an Ghost/Magic Type Forgotten Meta Monster. It does not transform.

In its Cosmic Form, Cosmic Neglectern is a Ghost/Cosmic Type.



Neglectern is a large lamp-like spirit. Its body is a vaguely-conical structure, similar to a typical lampshade. The top and botom of the lamp has purple rims, which the main shade itself is cream-colored. The body has several vertical lines encircling it. Neglectern has one large eye with a crescent-shaped pupil. Neglectern has a large red tongue that floats inside the lampshade and hangs down from the bottom. There are also two purple tassles that hang down from the bottom rim; these tassles each have three pink bands. Neglectern has a large scarf-like piece of purple cloth tied around the top of the lampshade. The band has pink edges and numerous pink bands running down it. This cloth acts as an arm; there is a pink dot on its palm and there are three purple fingers.


When Neglectern's lamp is lit, Neglectern is able to leap out of its body to attack whoever lit it.


Neglectern lies in waiting until a traveler lights the lantern, whereupon it leaps out and attacks the victim. They were created when a lamp was mistreated and thrown away.


Neglecterns are found in forests.


Neglectern does not transform.

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

"When Neglectern's lamp is lit, Neglectern leaps out of its body to attack its victim."

Known MovesEdit

Coming soon...


  • Neglectern is the forty-fourth Meta Monster in the Encyclopedia.
  • Neglectern is the first Ghost Type in the Encyclopedia.
  • The appearance of Neglectern's Cosmic Form (Cosmic Neglectern) was inspired by the true form of Bouldergeist, a rock ghost boss that first appeared in Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy.


Neglectern is based on a Tsukumogami, a Japanese spirit that comes from an inanimate object. Its lantern origin is likely based on a Chōchinobake, although its shape is likely a reference to a Kasa-obake, an umbrella spirit.

Name OriginEdit

Neglectern is a combination of neglect and lantern.

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