Overlord is a company and computer operating system developed by Shirtman's Father and Olivus Mynd. It plays a large role in Shirtman!.


Following the success of other large computer operating systems, Marcus' father and Olivus Mynd decided to start building the perfect operating system in college, naming it after the Normandy Beach invasion, AKA Operation Overlord. They spent entire nights working on it, being completely sleep-exhausted.

It was finished by their mid twenties, and they started going commercial, making it widely distributed across America. Soon, 3/5 of all  U.S computers were equipped with Overlord Operating System, and they were both Millionaires.

In their early thirties, they started having disputes about the future of Overlord. Mynd wanted to evolve it into an Artificial Intelligence, while Marcus' father thought it would be too dangerous. As the competing Operating Systems were evolving, Marcus' father started thinking the Mynd might be right. While Mynd was at a mountaineering vacation in Alaska, Marcus' father went forward with the project without consulting Mynd and won several technology awards. The Overlord AI was rare, and used only by various government programs, including warfare, space travel, and more.

One Overlord AI, was stationed at Overlord H.Q, and was used mainly by the CEOs.  Olivus, in a fit of rage, corrupted by the Overlord AI, uses his newly found ice powers to kill Marcus' father, and takes over the company, fortifying the building and arming all the employees with weapons to take on Shirtman.

After Shirtman Defeats Mynd, he  must face the AI housed at the Overlord HQ, which takes control of all the devices powered by Overlord, and becomes a giant, hulking, humanoid figure. Shirtman is able to defeat this be making his may inside of it and dousing it's core with water from the melting H.Q. The devices that were powered by Overlord all fall into the bay and are destroyed. The government issues a recall across the US on Overlord systems, and this is presumably the end of the Overlord.

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