003 Pteroscorch
Encyclopedia Number 009
Type Fire/Air
Species Pterosaur
Height 6' 01"
Weight 105.7 lbs.
Evolves Into N/A
Evolves From Dactraft
Egg Group Monster
Ability Heat Up
Pteroscorch is a Fire/Air Type Pterosaur Starter Meta Monster. It transforms from Dactraft at Level .

In its Cosmic Form, Cosmic Pteroscorch is a Fire/Cosmic Type.



Pteroscorch is a large orange reptilian creature with a large yellow beak that is built in three bony layers. It sports a large jagged crest on the back of its head with a red band around it. It has two enormous wings with yellow membranes that are shaped like fire at the edges, complete with red trim on the edges. The middle of Pteroscorch's torso is taken up by large red bands that encircle the body. On the front of the body, there is a yellow patch above and below these bands. Each of the wings has two large white claws, and so does each foot. The ridges above the eyes have grown spiky, resembling eyebrows. Pteroscorch now has a thick red band around its neck, three red bands on each arm, and two red bands on each wing. It has a series of jagged red spikes running down its spine. Pteroscorch has a long tapering tail with three red bands and a blistering hot red flame on the end.


Pteroscorch is able to fly at speeds of up to 50 mph. When on the ground, it can also use the claws on its wings to grab objects and walk. One touch of its tail flame can cause an oak tree to go up in flames. They have been known to glow brightly at night.


Pteroscorches are very territorial. They will defend their offspring aggressively, and will generally attack anything that approaches them. They are known to be carnivorous.


Pteroscorches tend to live on mountaintops or in dark caves.


It transforms from Dactraft at Level .

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

"Pteroscorch can fly at speeds of up to 50 mph. One touch of the flame on its tail can ignite the mightiest oak tree."

Known MovesEdit

Coming soon...


  • Pteroscorch is the ninth Meta Monster in the Encyclopedia.


Pteroscorch is based on a pterosaur. It may also be based on a cryptid known as the kongamato, or the ropen, which is also known to exhibit bioluminescence.

Name OriginEdit

Pteroscorch is a combination of pterosaur and scorch.

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