The "Reaper Corps" is a secret organization based in The Underworld that serves as a police force. The organization was founded by Death, known to humans as "the Grim Reaper", since he was the first reaper. The reapers are tasked with two main objectives:

  1. Capture evil spirits who threaten the lives of humans.
  2. Reap the souls of the dead, keeping the ghost population on Earth in check.

The reapers (members of the Reaper Corps) come from a variety of different species, such as skeleton, ghost, scarecrow, sasquatch, and zombie. They use a variety of different tools to reap souls, such as the Reaper Scythe, the Spirit Sash, and the Crossbone.

Notable ReapersEdit

  • Jack Lantern
  • Death*
  • Spooks (Under Jack's wing)
  • Bigfoot*
  • Count Dracula*
  • Zombie*
  • Spring-Heeled Jack*
  • Treant*
  • Werewolf*

A * indicates that the reaper is a member of the Grand Council of Reapers.


  • The name of the organization may be a pun on the word "corpse".

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