Ryvok World
World Number

Ryvok world is a large wooden theme park themed after and founded by General Ryvok. It is the fifth world in Knock On Wood, and the Largest. The boss is the Ryvok-ness Monster, an animatronic sea monster revealed to be Allister in disguise.


It is the largest world in the game, but the easiest to navigate in. In the center of the park is a large circle lake, surrounded by water slides and such. In the eastern part of the park, there are two large wooden roller coasters. There are also other large rides scattered through out, and they all have a part to play in the collection of all the Goldifacts, making this arguably the hardest world to complete. In the four corners of the park are differently themed rides, all staring Ryvok himself. In the western part of the park is a video arcade and a game center, as well as kiddy rides.


  • Park Center: A large lake in the center, with rides such as roller coasters and Ferris wheels. 
  • 愤怒的爪子: A ninja-themed ride, with large towers and Chinese temples.
  • Harassment Park: Dinosaur ride, with Animatronic dinosaurs and caves.
  • Arboria, 2099 AD: Futuristic Ride, with a Giant Robot Fighting an Animatronic Kaiju, in a futuristic city.
  • Brave Captain Ryvok: Pirate Ride, with two dueling pirate ships and an ominous port/island</span>

Level Gate Edit

The level gate of Ryvok World is a horse and buggy piloted by a sinister animatronic skeleton vaguely resembling a bear. The wagon is dark greenish brown and is full of hay, with a seat in the front for the skeleton. It has a banner on the side, advertising Ryvok World. The skeleton will only let Woodrow ride if he has 40 Goldifacts. The wagon will be rode to the front gates of Ryvok World.

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