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Sarge is a villain from the Goop series. In TLO Universe, Sarge is a playable character.



A jingoistic, possibly-insane madman, the Shockbot known only to his underlings as Sarge is ironically the worst possible choice for a military leader. His constant hallucinations and flashbacks to the War of '83 make him slightly unhinged at best and criminally-insane at worst. He possesses a "shoot first, conquer later" attitude and even in the thick of battle has a very loose grasp on reality. He reveres his former superior Colonel Catfish (who may or may not have been an actual catfish) with an almost religious quality.

Basic InfoEdit

  • Full Name: Sarge (Real name unknown)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Robot
  • Notable Quote: "Give em' heck!"


These are the starting and maximum statistics for this character in the TLO Universe.

  • Health: (max)
  • Power: (max)
  • Critical Hit: (max)

Attack TreesEdit

Each character has a primary and secondary attack.

Primary Attack
Secondary Attack
Chaingun Blast
Press the primary attack button to fire a rapid stream of rivets from your Chaingun!
Call down a screaming missile from above that strikes a certain area!

Players can upgrade each character's default primary and secondary attacks.

Primary Upgrades
Secondary Upgrades
Heavy-Duty Rivets
Using denser rivets increases damage dealt by this attack!
Extra Boom
Increase the explosion radius of your Airstrike!
Shotgun Blast
Firing for five seconds will end in a shotgun-like blast!
Speedier Missile
Increase the attack speed of your Airstrike missile!
Bigger Blast!
Increase the size and strength of the finishing shotgun blast!
Carpet Bomb!
Bring down two weaker missiles in addition to the stronger one!

Each character has one unlockable attack that can not be upgraded.

Unlockable Attack
Mechanical Mortar
Charge up an attack and fire out a massive explosive forward!

This section describes this character's Universal Attack.

Universal Attack
Calling in the Calvary!
Summon a squadron of six AI-controlled Shockbots for back-up!

This section describes this character's special ability.

Special Ability
Power Rocket
Fire a projectile missile to blow up objects with special targets painted on them!


Alternate CostumeEdit

Sarge's alternate costume is Searing Sarge, a fiery, red-hot version of himself.


Sarge's icon is an image of his face.


Sarge's background is a battlefield of some kind.


Battle CriesEdit

  • "Run if you know what's good for you!
  • "Drop and give me 50, you maggots!"
  • "Leave no survivors, men!"

Scoring a ComboEdit

  • "I'm going to roast you alive, you numb nugget!"
  • "Not in a hurry to live, are you?"
  • "Get a job, you hippie!"

Victory QuotesEdit

  • VS Aborigrove: "You're made of plants? The amount of hippy here is frying my circuits! Does not compute!"
  • VS Ace Spectrum: "So some punk with a mobile zoo, huh? Animals don't have rights and you know it!"
  • VS Battle Legend: "If you're a legend, how come I've never heard of you! Colonel Catfish spits on your name."
  • VS Bing: "You may have fancy glasses and a charming smile, but I've got an arm-mounted chaingun! Who's laughing now?!?"
  • VS Bio-Man: "I'll break your spine in twixt if you even look at me funny!"
  • VS Bob the Alien: "Stay off of this planet, you big-headed sweet potato! If you wake up in the middle of the night dead, that'd be because of me!"
  • VS Brick: "Colonel Catfish had biceps as big around as your entire torso, bean pole!"
  • VS Brimstone: "Your flames are cold compared to my passion for war!"
  • VS Captain Grum: "A-5! Ah ha, I've sunken your battleship, you parrot-loving hippy!"
  • VS Chomper: "I've found less disgusting scum at the bottom of a well!"
  • VS Cleoa: "All bow before the might of General Bronzhilda, you scarab-loving cupcake!"
  • VS Clod: "When I'm done with you, I'm conquering your old country!"
  • VS Colonel Cranium: "So just because you've got a big head and a fancy degree, you think you're smarter than me, eh? Shut up!"
  • VS Color-Robo: "The only real color in existence is camo! All others are government conspiracies!"
  • VS Crocrump: "Music these days stinks! When I was a boy, we could only listen to the screams of our broken foes and it was music to my ears!"
  • VS Deathcap: "Your poison does nothing to a robot, you more-toxic-than-usual hippy!"
  • VS Dinocop: "I've got you now, popo! Or should I say...leader of the Reptilian Resistance?!?"
  • VS Draclo: "Stop it with that dopey look, dopey! You're incredibly dopey-looking, you know?"
  • VS Edison: "Horses were invented in 1863 by Charles Elmer IV, who created them to work as slave labor in his glue factory!"
  • VS Enzyme: "Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who built their houses OUT OF YOUR REMAINS!"
  • VS Fidlak Jatede: "Your life meant bippity-boppity-bupkus!"
  • VS Fishstick: "Time to make out your will, fishstick!"
  • VS Frogrump: "Colonel Catfish used to eat frogs for breakfast. Then he'd eat their legs for dinner! Ah ha ha!"
  • VS Frostbite: "It'll be a cold day in HECK when you take down a sergeant!"
  • VS Funny Bone: "Stop lolling that tongue at me, cadet! You're a disgrace to your brightly-colored uniform!"
  • VS Gabe Landis: "First you're a man and then a beast? Make up your mind, soldier!"
  • VS Garrett Thompson: "Divided we are, indeed. Wait until I divide your skinny butt in half, maggot!"
  • VS General Ryvok: "Bears belong in zoos, you jerk! No more kibble for you!"
  • VS Goop: "Why don't you wear any clothes? This isn't THAT kind of squadron!"
  • VS Gyro: "Look me in the eye and take control of me. I dare you to, maggot."
  • VS Havoc: "I didn't spend twelve hours at military boot camp to be taken down by a roach! You are but gunk beneath my boot."
  • VS Haze: "Steam is just hot water, son, and you're in it deep now!"
  • VS Hothead: "Catfish once wrestled a volcano to a standstill with one hand and brought a dead puppy back to life with the other!"
  • VS Jack Fort: "Watch out, fuzzy face! When you hear a knock at your city gates, cry like a tiny baby!"
  • VS Jack Lantern: "The Reaper Corps has no jurisdiction here! Your downfall is a military matter."
  • VS Jack Longhorn: "Nothing in spy school could prepare you for me, sweet cheeks!"
  • VS Jake Sullivan: "You can communicate with monsters and you don't try to take over a country? Disgraceful!"
  • VS Jellyfish: "You'd go good messily stapled above my fireplace, jelly punk!"
  • VS King Croc: "Come on, fluffy! I've petted kittens with more guts than you!"
  • VS King Grex: "I've laid waste to your Minion maggots, and now I'm taking down the king! Hoo ra!"
  • VS Knightmare: "You're about as scary as Mac on poetry night, you weenie!"
  • VS Lee Hatake: "You were dishonorably discharged for talking to your fingers, you crazy hippy!"
  • VS Lucifer: "Your devil is only an illusion! Me kicking your sweet keister? That's all real!"
  • VS Malpractice: "I've heard Doc use your name before! I think it involves candy and killing."
  • VS Master Mynd: "Learn to spell, you second grade, high-school dropout!"
  • VS Maya: "Gracias, madam, for the super-charge. Buy yourself something nice!"
  • VS MechaGoop: "You were a worthy opponent, soldier. You might have what it takes for the Shockbot Corps."
  • VS Nero Crescent: "Stop teleporting, punk! It's making me sick with blind fury!"
  • VS Posident: "I'm not going to be beaten by someone with gills!"
  • VS Princess Blossom: "Pink is the color of weakness, prissy pants! Man up! Grow some chest hair!"
  • VS Raizo: "Dragons are make-believe, you sissy, unlike your pain!"
  • VS Rayne Sabakuto: "Stop making up words, you ungrateful punk! Speak English!"
  • VS Red-Tail: "I'll stick you on the barbie, mate! I can't understand a word you're saying!"
  • VS Sara Walker: "I prophesize that you'll be in the fetal position soon enough!"
  • VS Sarge: "Alright, what kind of trickery are those mole people up to this time? I'll wrestle you with one arm!"
  • VS Satsujin: "Your name by itself should be considered a war crime, son."
  • VS Shirtman: "If you were to wear a Catfish shirt, your head would explode from the sheer power!"
  • VS Silkworm: "Why don't you spin yourself a bodybag, you cream cake?"
  • VS Siren: "I said I'd never hit a woman. Oh wait, no I didn't....AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  • VS Skitter: "I could recruit you, you know. Have you sneak into the enemy base at night and eat all of their flies! That'd show em'!"
  • VS Sonten Drone: "I'll make myself a hat out of your face, you bucket of bolts!"
  • VS Spiffy: "The menu for today's party includes defeat, misery, and a big heaping plate of shame!"
  • VS Stabbo: "You want an act, you clown? How about you act like I didn't just whoop you...which I did!"
  • VS Tawnya: "My sensors indicate you are precisely 96% hippy...which is 96% too much!"
  • VS Terminus: "You couldn't conquer another planet if it hit you in the groin!"
  • VS The Fallen: "I know your type. That flaming dragon of yours was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors! Tell me the truth!!!"
  • VS The Strongman: "Let's see how strong you are after I shove a missile through your eye socket!"
  • VS Threnody: "I've got some magic words for you: ready, aim, FIRE!"
  • VS Tortelder: "Shave your upper lip hair, you old cupcake!"
  • VS Uncle Cyence: "You look an awful lot like someone I know...McGregor, is that you?"
  • VS Vic Wolfe: "Those glasses of yours blind you from the passion of war, you little roasted weenie!"
  • VS Whalor: "I've got a harpoon and, you better believe it, I'm not afraid to use it!"
  • VS Woodrow: "Last of your kind, eh? How'd you like to know that I litter, huh? Every single day of the week!"
  • VS Wraith: "You're the one who should be afraid, maggot...of me!"
  • VS Zach: "Where you're going, all you'll need is a headstone and a casket...and roads!"


  • Sarge is one of two Minion Warfare characters included in the game, the other being Clod.
    • Despite this, their home series is still labeled as "Goop".
  • Several of Sarge's victory quotes are pulled directly from Minion Warfare.
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