Shirtman: The Ride
Inverted Roller Coaster

Shirtman: The Ride is an inverted roller coaster that appears in TO World, found in Shirtman Land.

Entry QueueEdit

The entry queue is very simple, and has a Shirtman theme. The floor has a large Shirtman logo in it.


The structure of the ride is painted yellow, with the track itself painted blue. Being an inverted roller coaster, riders are seated below the track. After riders board the train, they are pulled up the 109-foot lift hill. After the ride reaches its highest point, it turns right and drops 85 feet, and hits its maximum speed of about 50 miles per hour. The train then pulls up into a sidewinder roll, in which the train goes through half a loop, a barrel roll, and another half loop. The element includes two inversions and is shaped like a bean. After the sidewinder roll the train travels through a bank hill and pulls up again into a roll-over element. The train curves again, dips, and rises up again to hit the final brake run. After the train is stopped, the brakes release, and the train curves to the right, travels past the maintenance track, and curves right again into the station.

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