Shirtman Land is the area of the park directly to the Northeast of The Great Arch. This area of the park is based on Shirtman!. This area seems to resemble Cynical City.


There are six different attractions in Minion Landing.

Ride Type
Colonel Cranium's Might Gravitron
Dinocop & Strongman Strike Back Waltzer
Hooligans: The Mediocre Escape Go-Kart Track/ Dark Ride
Master Mynd: Chill Out Freefall Ride
Shiftress' Swing Bungee Swings
Shirtman: The Ride Inverted Steel Coaster

Restaurants and ShopsEdit


  • Dinocop's Fine Gourmet: A Italian Diner, with most of the dishes having disgusting ingredients, such as flies and lizard tails.
  • Master Mynd's Frozen Treats: An outdoor restaurant that serves only frozen treats like Ice Cream, Popsicles, and Slushies.
  • Edison's Dutch Cuisine: A small food shack owned and hosted by Edison that serves a variety of Dutch dishes, including Frikandel, Ossenworst, Bitterballen, and Edam Cheese.
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