Shockbot Summons are a special type of character and an ability used by all of the Shockbots. It is a unique ability that is only available to Team Shockbot. At certain spots called Shockbot Bases, which resemble metallic circles on the ground, any Shockbot player can summon a Shockbot that is controlled by an AI and will move on its own, attacking the closest Minion. These Shockbots can be killed by the Minions, and can be healed by Doc.

  • NOTE: Shockbot Summons are only usable in the Bash Brothers mode.

List of Shockbot SummonsEdit

  • Bot-apult: Bot-apult carries a small catapult on its back, launching bombs at the Minions.
  • Elite Shockbot: Elite Shockbots are heavily armored Shockbot Soldiers, giving them increased defenses. They also have more powerful Rivet Pistols.
  • Exploding Bot: These tiny bombs run towards the nearest Minion and explode with happiness!
  • Medibot: Medibots will rush towards injured Shockbot players and summons and heal them by proximity.
  • Shockbot Knight: Shockbot Knights are powerful, armored Shockbots that wield a broadsword and a crossbow, allowing them to attack at both close and long range.
  • Shockbot Mook: Shockbot Mooks are the most basic and inexpensive of Shockbot Summons. They run towards Minions and attack with a short-range scratch attack.
  • Shockbot Soldier: Shockbot Soldiers are the basic foot soldiers of the Shockbot Army, equipped with a Rivet Pistol. They have low health. They are less powerful than Sarge's.
  • Steel Shield Shockbot: A more powerful version of the Wooden Shield Shockbot, this Shockbot possesses high health and a powerful shield slam attack.
  • Toxic Barrel Bot: Toxic Barrel Bots wear barrels of toxic waste as suits, giving them increased health and granting them a toxic aura that drains health.
  • Wooden Shield Shockbot: Wooden Shield Shockbots are more powerful versions of the Shockbot Soldier. They have higher health, but lack the Rivet Pistol. Instead, they have a shield slam attack.
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