Smack Ops is a mode in Minion Warfare. Four players need to protect their Grex Statue and survive for ten waves of Shockbots. The fifth and tenth waves are the boss waves. The bosses in boss waves are randomly selected. The players lose the game when all four players die or the health of the Grex Statue reaches to zero.

Game descriptionEdit

Construct a Grex Statue and protect it from Shockbots until King Grex beams you back to base.


Sometimes, there is an objective in a wave. The players can earn a certain amount of Power Orbs if they complete it.

  • No Statue Damage---Survive a round without the Grex Statue taking any damage.
  • Destroy All Generators*---Three Shockbot Generators will appear, continuously spawning basic Shockbots. Players have one minute to destroy all three.
  • No Knockouts---Survive a round without any players dying.
  • Stop the Exploding Bot---Destroy the Exploding Bot that is making its way to the Statue.
  • Defeat the Cheerbot*---Destroy the Cheerbot that is boosting the stats of all Shockbots (minus bosses).

Note: a * indicates that the objective has time limit.

Shockbots exclusive to this modeEdit

Note: a * indicates that the Shockbot is a boss.

After ten wavesEdit

After the players survive for ten waves, they need to go to the Landing Zone in two minutes. A lot of Shockbots appear in this period. Generators also will be risen continuously. The Minions leave the battlefield and the game says "ALL MINIONS ESCAPED" when time runs out if all players are in the Landing Zone.

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