Special Plants
Knock On Wood
Knock On Wood
Weapon, Enhancement

Special Plants are items found by Woodrow in Knock On Wood. They are plants found uncommonly in levels, that when used will give Woodrow a weapon, affect the environment, or give Woodrow an enhancement.

Special PlantsEdit

  • Exploding Walnut Sapling: They can only be used once, and will stock Woodrow with 20 Exploding Walnuts. If attacked, it will explode and damage Woodrow.
  • Helicopter Tree: Will give Woodrow a set of two helicopter-leaf wings, that can be used to glide, hover, or flutter-jump. There is a 120 second timer.
  • Cactus Patch: This will cover Woodrow with cactus spikes, and when he dashes forward, he will charge, and KO any enemy he touches, as well as not taking any damage. He can also use this ability to bash through "cactus walls". It has a 120 second timer.
  • Bambo Staff: Woodrow can pick this up and use it like a bo staff, or use it to stick it into certain holes and climb like a pole.
  • Hypno-Fungi: Will cover Woodrow in tiny mushrooms that will emit a gas that puts enemies against each other. It can be used to activate shrines that will change or move the environment.
  • Moss Form: Turns Woodrow into a long, snake-like blob of moss that is very fast and can fit through small holes. It can also climb up certain walls.
  • Lightplant: Gives you a torch that can light up dark areas and make Caterpillars glow. The torch can be planted in the ground or used like a baton. This will also activate certain light switches.
  • The Mighty Redwood: This will double Woodrow's life by two (as well as fill it up). Woodrow will be given a sword made out of resin.

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