St. Lawrence High is an unlockable hidden video in Nightfall: Hell on Earth. It is a minute and a half long trailer for the fictional movie, St. Lawrence High. The movie is a spoof of the stereotypical teen-drama-comedy film, normally set in a high school. It features a majority of the Nightfall characters re-imagined as high-school students.


  • Gabe Landis is portrayed as the normal, everyday, somewhat awkward and dorky new kid. He is a freshman and wears a long sleeved grey shirt and a brown hoodie.
  • Vic Wolfe is Gabe's newfound friend, who is pretty similar to the older version found in the game. He is a huge nerdy geek who wears an outfit similar to his original incarnation.
  • Daniel Landis is Gabe's younger brother, and is in middle school. He is portrayed as a stereotypical "twelvie" who plays and obsessed over shooter games.
  • Lucifer is portrayed as a goth/emo outcast who doesn't socialize very much with other people. He wears a black hoodie with red lining and black jeans. He is a senior.
  • Benjamin Ethal is portayed as the popular, rich, "clique leader" student, who hides his love of medical science. He wears a black fleece jacket over a grey polo shirt.
  • Guy Tesslar is Ethal's best friend and is shown to be the danger-loving, party-going loudmouth. He wears grey shorts and a grey t-shirt.
  • Malpractice is another one of Ethal's friends, and is the stereotypical athletic jock. He is also the coaches assistant, and wears black shorts and a tan tank top, and a buzzed army haircut.

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