The Stone Nation is the archenemy to Woodrow and the Treant Elites.


Arboria used to be a giant, dark, rocky plateau, with the only life being bug-sized rock creatures called Golemites. One day, The Great Storm struck, causing the top layer of rock to be turned into dirt, and eventually caused life to bloom on Arboria. The Golemites were trapped underground, and started to evolve. 10,000 years later, the Golemites had evolved into Golems, calling themselves the Stone Nation, and Arboria had been transformed from a plateau to a thriving forest world. The Golems emerged from the depths of the earth to find this forest, and were enraged. They declared that they would take back their homeland from these "invaders", no matter what the cost. They started The Great Nation War, and it ended in a draw. Many years later, General Ryvok would come to be fascinated by the Stone Nation, and try to rebuild it, even though Ryvok has gravely misinterpreted the Stone Nation's causes.

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