TO Misty Falls is a secret area featured in TO World. It can be unlocked by . It is a small abandoned theme park themed around scrapped game ideas of Toshiko Games and Outsider Entertainment. The area is run-down, broken-down, and abandoned. The ground is covered in a white mist, and it is completely devoid of people (aside from any players that venture there). None of the rides are functional, but somehow, souvenirs can still be purchased at souvenir stand. The area is first hinted at by a Toshiko World employee in Toshiko Action Zone. If asked about the number of parks in TO World, he will respond with "five", despite the fact that there are only four on the map (Toshiko World, Outsider World, Hurricane Cove, and the TO World Sports Center). If the player , the player can receive a special pass to "TO Misty Falls". This pass will allow the player to use either the TO World Monorail or the TO World Ferry to get to the park.

Broken-Down RidesEdit

  • Tumble Dillo's Coconut Spin
  • Dead of Night: Death Tower


  • The park does have one resident: the Skin Daddy. This mysterious being can be seen watching the player from the forest that serves as the level boundary to the park. He does not interact with the player usually, but he can be seen wandering around the park at 12:00 PM (Noon), 6:00 PM, 12:00 AM (Midnight), and 6:00 AM. Even when wandering around, the most interaction he will have with players is that he will turn to stare at them if they get within his awareness range. If the player backs out of that range, he will resume wandering aimlessly.

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