The Great Nation War is an event that took place in the past of Knock On Wood, on the outskirts of Arboria Central


After the Treant Elites guarded Arboria for what seemed like forever, the Stone Nation rose from beneath the ground and declared that they were going to take over Arboria by force. They started moving in on Arboria Central, but the Treants managed to keep the golems on the outskirts of the town. The golems were stronger, but the Treants had more troops. The war never ceased, and neither side would submit to defeat. The Rock Guardians and Treant Elites killed each other, as did the troops. Eventually, there was only a single treant - Mable the Red - and a single golem left. The two fought a duel, and the golem died instantly while Mable died later from fatal wounds. The war was a draw, and neither side one. However, before Mable died, she hid her seed inside a hollow tree, where it would later be found by Mr. Picidae, and grow into Woodrow.

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