Timberland Tundra
World Number

Timberland Tundra is a clearing in a snow-covered forest. It is the third world of Knock On Wood.


The Tundra is covered in snow and ice. There is also a frozen lake and the base of Sir Chalmers Watersworth.


  • Slippery Summit: The main area of the world. Full of frozen glaciers and other platforms.
  • Frozen Lake: A huge frozen lake, with a mysterious underwater cavern. There is also a drilling station.
  • Winter Sports: A winter sports championship, with sled slopes, a ski lift, and more.
  • The Ice Base: A High-Tech HQ owned by Sir Chalmers Watersworth.

Level Gate Edit

The level gate of the Timberland Tundra is a rocket powered sled owned by Alan Wrench. He'll let Woodrow use it if he has 20 goldifacts. When triggered, the sled will slide down the runway and hit the ramp at full speed, launching into the air and disappearing into the horizon. It lands in TImberland Tundra.

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