Toshiko World, also known as Toshiko World Park, is a fictional virtual theme park that appears as one of the four theme parks in TO World, along with Outsider World, Hurricane Cove, and the TO World Sports Center. It sits alongside TO Lake. The park is represented by Blossom's Castle.

Park AreasEdit

Toshiko World is divided into five themed areas. It is designed like a ring; the areas of the park are arranged around a large lake. In the center of the lake, Blossom's Castle sits on an island. These five lands are Toshiko PlazaGoop LandZane's Zany ZooPartyland, and Toshiko Action Zone.

Toshiko PlazaEdit

Toshiko Plaza is the generic entrance area that leads to Blossom's Castle. The area is somewhat themed around Victorian-era architecture mixed with early 20th century small-town America. Toshiko Plaza is lined with shops selling merchandise and food, as well as an old-timey photo booth. Restaurants include the Toshiko Cafe and T.E.D.'s Cosmic Restaurant. In the center of the plaza is a statue of Justin Wolfe and Goop, similar to the Walt Disney World statue of Walt Disney and Mickey.

There are four different attractions in Toshiko Plaza.

Ride Type
Obalon HQ Gyro Tower
T.E.D.'s Turbine Enterprise
Toshiko Wheel Ferris Wheel
Toshiko World Amphitheater Amphitheater

Goop LandEdit

Goop Land is the area of the park directly to the East of Blossom's Castle. It is themed around the Goop series. This area is set in a large forest, presumably Petunia Forest. Restaurants include Blossom's Royal Court and Dr. Derwiff's Cafe Keep. There is a large animatronic Snaptrap in the area's center.

There are six different attractions in Goop Land.

Ride Type
The Bilge Rat Swinging Ship
Cosmic Raceway Go-Kart Track
Flight of the Draclo Kid's Coaster
Goop's World: King Grex Strikes Back 3D Movie/Simulator
Mount Magmass Flying Roller Coaster
Tawnya's Temple Trek Top Spin

Zane's Zany ZooEdit

Zane's Zany Zoo is the area of the park directly to the Northeast of Blossom's Castle. It is themed around Zoo Palace. This area focuses on animal attractions more than rides, and only has two rides.

There are two different attractions in Zane's Zany Zoo.

Ride Type
Komba Safari Tram Safari
Dragonscale Peak Steel coaster


Partyland is the area of the park directly to the Northwest of Blossom's Castle. This area is based on Spiffy Party. This area is themed around a game board from the game, with the streets painted to look like different spaces. The buildings are bright and colorful. Shops include Whalor's Seafood Shack and Party Pete's Pizza Party.

There are five different attractions in Partyland.

Ride Type
Fishstick's Pipeline Plunge Log Flume
Hothead: Volcano Chaos Wild Mouse Coaster
Imaginator Starring Spiffy Teacups
Steampunk's Runaway Railroad Mine Train
Whalor's Harbor Havoc River Rapids

Toshiko Action ZoneEdit

Toshiko Action Zone is the area of the park directly to the West of Blossom's Castle. This area is based on Toshiko's more action-oriented games, such as Klio and Bio-Man. The area's theme is very futuristic and high-tech. Shops include Cortech Project Warehouse.

There are five different attractions in Toshiko Action Zone.

Ride Type
Bio-Man: The Ride Motion Simulator/Dark Ride
Color Coaster Inverted Coaster
Fear the Reaper! Enclosed Launched Coaster
System Purge: Anomaly Escape Hanging Dark Ride

Hidden T.E.D.sEdit

For Hidden T.E.D.s in Toshiko World, see Toshiko World/Hidden T.E.D.s.

Easter EggsEdit

For hidden secrets in Toshiko World, see Toshiko World/Secrets.

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