Transformation Box

Transformation Boxes are special items that appear in Goop: Full Throttle. They can be found along the racetracks in the game. Running through the boxes grants the player a Transformation, and these can be used at any time by pressing the Left Trigger. Only one Transformation can be stowed away at one time.


  • Wheel Kart: Allows for tricks in mid-air and better drifting.
  • Plane Kart: Allows for flying for a short time.
  • Rocket Kart: Grants the user a speed boost.
  • Jetski Kart: Allows for movement on water. Moves at a snail's pace on land.
  • Fire Kart: Sprays fire in a circle around you.
  • Tank Kart: Allows the user to fire projectiles straight ahead.
  • Drill Kart: Allows the user to break certain walls and barrel through opponents.
  • Beast Kart: Allows the user to devour opponents, unlocking new characters.

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