A treant is a humaoid tree, usually depicted as a neutral defender of the forest. They originated from J.R.R Tolkein's works, but are now a staple in Medieval and Fantasy culture. One treant, Woodrow, is the main protagonist of Knock On Wood.

In Knock On WoodEdit

In Knock On Wood, they are more well-natured than normally depicted. They serve as police and military for Arboria, as they're one of the only species than can fend for themselves. They are led by five elite treants:

After successfully defending Arboria for decades, a nation of rock golems known as the Stone Nation rose from the ashes, claiming that Arboria was once theirs, and that they would fight for it back. This led to The Great Nation War, which resulted in the death of every Treant and golem, except for two. During the final hours, Mable the Red fought a duel with the surviving golem, resulting in both of their deaths.  Mable secretly had a Treant seed, which she hid, to be found many years later. This seed was that of the game's protagonist, Woodrow.

Other AppearancesEdit

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