Treant Temple
World Number

  The Treant Temple is a large temple made out of dark, petrified wood, where the Treant Elites lived, before their downfall. Now it is used as a sanctuary to honor the Treant Elites. Keeping it's doors opened are six magical pieces of Petrified Wood. It is the beginning of the final world, Forest in Flames.


The five Treant Elites lived here, and they ruled Arboria from here. It was built by the Elites themselves, using Petrified Wood found underground. The One of Wisdom enchanted six special pieces of petrified wood, which are the only things able to keep the doors open. After The Great Nation War, the temple was left uninhabited, and the six pieces were kept in the doors, making them stay open. The temple was used as a shrine to honor the contributions of the Treants. The Tombs of the Elites, among other notable Treants, are located here.

In Knock On WoodEdit

During the event of Knock on Wood, General Ryvok locks himself in the Temple with Allister so they can resurrect the Treant Elites, for evil deeds. Woodrow must find the six pieces to open the the temple. The pieces are located with the Treants, among other henchmen.

After finding all six pieces, Woodrow enters the temple to find Ryvok sitting in the One of Leadership's throne. Ryvok gives a speech about how Woodrow thinks he will win, but will fail. He then slips away to the Inner Sanctum of the temple. Woodrow must find ten Goldifact Idols, 100 Caterpillar, and six Golden Leaves to proceed into the Inner Sanctum, where Ryvok unleashes the remainder of his army, and Woodrow fights them off, single-handedly. Then, The One of Might crashes a hole through the wall, and Ryvok escapes, climbing to the top of his head along with the One of Responsibility, and Woodrow chases after him. After the game is over, Woodrow lives in the Treant temple with his homeless friends.

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