Vic's SUV is a navy blue sports utility vehicle owned and driven by Vic Wolfe. It closely resembles a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Vic has customized it for Cryptozoological research, including adding a light bar near the front grill and adding two heavy duty night-vision video cameras, one in the front left and one in the back right. The back of the car has humorous bump stickers, one saying "Bigfoot on Board" and one saying "I brake for Mothman", as well as a "stick figure family" featuring various Cryptids.

Vehicle UsageEdit

In the beginning of Nightfall: Cryptic, Vic is seen driving it, and has his backpack among other things stashed in the backseat. When he arrives at Wantapa County, OK, he grabs his backpack and camera and starts interviewing people about urban legends. When he goes back to where he parked, it has vanished. Much later in the game, he finds it, seemingly driving by itself. If you have the Skeleton Car Key, he can cautiously enter the vehicle and it can be driven.

The SUV can be found parked outside of a movie theater in Nightfall: Hellhound, as an easter egg. Upon walking up to it, you will recieve a acheivment called "Bigfoot on Board", named after his bumper sticker.

In Nightfall: Hell on Earth, Vic and Gabe enter the SUV shortly after the Vic is introduced, and they drive to Vic's apartment. It is seen multiple times throughout the game, and towards the end it is believed to be destroyed, but it is revealed to be Daniel's Car, much to Vic's relief and Daniel's grief. It is seen during the ending "Convoy sequence" as Vic drives it alongside Gabe's Motorbike and Charlie's RV. It is seen throughout the sequel, Nightfall 2: Winterlong.

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